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Original Title : Girls Cruise Season 1 Episode 2: Say My Name, Say My Name
Genre : Reality
Air Date : 2019-07-22
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Original Title : Girls Cruise Season 1 Episode 2: Say My Name, Say My Name
Genre : Reality
Air Date : 2019-07-22
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Overview : Lil Kim, Chilli, Mya and the rest of her guests jump off the yacht to catch the flavors of Barbados and pay homage to the Queen of the island herself, Rihanna! Flirtations and libations flow between B. Simone and the yachts bartender.

On the season premiere, Lil’ Kim spares no expense as she sets sail on a multimillion dollar yacht with Mya and Chilli to an exclusive beachfront area for a luxury vacation with some of her closest friends.

Hopefully the Serial “Girls Cruise” Season 1 Episode 2 can make you happy to watch it.

Girls Cruise Season 1 Episode 2: Say My Name

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