Leaks ‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 4 Airing This Week

WATCH Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4 "Atomic Monsters" Online Free HD. Series 15 - Supernatural Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Episode "Atomic Monsters" | 45 min | 00:45:26 | 2019-11-07 | | Total Episodes . ...

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WATCH Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4 “Atomic Monsters” Online Free HD. Series 15 – Supernatural Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Episode “Atomic Monsters” | 45 min | 00:45:26 | 2019-11-07 | | Total Episodes .

Original Title : Supernatural Season 15 Episode 4: Atomic Monsters
Genre : Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Air Date : 2019-11-07
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Overview : Sam and Dean investigate the mysterious death of a girl and the disappearance of another.

Supernatural Season 15, Episode 4 synopsis: Jensen Ackles directs

Supernatural Season 15 was confirmed by The CW back in January, to no one’s surprise. However, it turns out that the Winchesters aren’t going to live forever, since we would later learn that said fifteenth season will be the final one for the long-running genre series, set for a 20-episode run.

Believe it or not, Supernatural is the longest-running genre series in American broadcast television history. The series is also the last remaining vestige of The WB network, which merged with UPN in 2006 to create The CW network as we know it today.

Here’s our review of the latest episode. And here’s our recent interview with Ruth Connell, aka Rowena.

Well, it finally happened. That big confrontation we’d been expecting between Castiel (Misha Collins) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) came to pass on The CW’s Supernatural, but things aren’t pretty as one would imagine. Season 15 episode 3, “The Rupture,” saw the final arc of the three-part premiere come to an end.

We started out with a hapless Rowena (Ruth Connell) breaking down in panic by claiming “we’re all going to die!” because her spells aren’t working and nothing can keep the ghosts at bay now. Despite Dean’s foolhardy plan of going down swinging, Belphegor (Alexander Calvert) suggests they go straight to Hell for their last plan of action.

According to him, Lilith created a crook (which is basically a horn) that would call back everything that had once been in Hell once it is blown, which would fix the situation of the ghosts escaping from below. Now that Chuck’s opened all the gates, all they would need to do is walk right in and retrieve the crook.

Rowena agrees by claiming she could close the seal once all the ghosts are back in, but she wants “Samuel” with her (she’s grown quite fond of him), while Dean volunteers Castiel for the job without even giving the latter an option to turn the idea down. As for Dean, he’ll be the one to toss Rowena’s seal into the pit to close the spell.

We then cut over to our first major death of the episode, as Arthur Ketch (David Haydn-Jones) is tracked down by Ardat (Sharon Taylor), the demon who had originally enlisted him to kill Belphegor. Ardat realizes Ketch really has become one of the good guys and will never give the Winchesters over, so she proceeds to literally rip Ketch’s heart out and show it to him. Ketch’s sacrifice is in vain as Ardat simply uses his phone to ask Dean for their location.

Over in Hell, Belphegor makes Castiel sing in Enochian to unlock the crook, which was all just for Belphegor’s amusement as he turns on Castiel by revealing he’d just been using the good guys so far so he could summon all the souls into himself and become the new God. Mind you, all this happened after Castiel fought Ardat, which gave Belphegor the opening to kill the only enemy who’d known about his plans.

Belphegor then begins summoning all the souls back to Hell to empower himself, something Rowena assumes means the plan is in motion. While she and Sam (Jared Padalecki) begin working on creating the seal to Hell, Castiel beats Belphegor into submission.

Knowing that Castiel might be prevented from killing him knowing it was Jack’s body that Belphegor is possessing, the latter tries to convince Cas he really is Jack. However, Cas isn’t falling for it and summons his greatest energy to smite Belphegor so hard that Jack’s corpse is left charred to a crisp, but also burning the crook as well.

Rowena then completes the character development she’d been on in the last couple of years, as she removes the resurrection seal that had been bringing her back to life and reveals her last plan is to sacrifice herself by pulling all the ghosts into her body. This way, she would cast herself into Hell and the souls would just be released where they belong.

Knowing that Sam is fated to be the one to kill her, Rowena begs him to follow through with it. It takes Sam all the strength he can muster to reluctantly kill the witch who’d become his friend, as Rowena falls into Hell after bidding farewell to her boys.

When all is said and done, Sam is in mourning over being the one to take Rowena’s life, while a bummed-out Dean informs him of Ketch’s death. This all adds up to Dean’s previous fury, and he unleashes on Castiel over the latter being responsible for everything that ever goes wrong.

Castiel understands Dean is still linking everything back up to Mary’s death…for which he will never, Castiel. Realizing that both Winchesters have stopped caring about him, and now that Jack’s dead, Castiel figures he has no reason to stick around. He states his intention to move on, while Dean looks like he’s not altogether happy about it but doesn’t do anything to stop him.

The three-part premiere solidified that this really is the final season, as long-running supporting characters in Kevin, Ketch, and Rowena were written out. I imagine the season will unfold similarly and we’ll be saying a lot more goodbyes along the way.

I also don’t think we’ll ever be seeing a likable Dean again, at least not until the very end. Sam too hasn’t been as nice he used to be, while the only character I still thought embodied the hero spirit, Castiel, looks like he’ll be going on a hiatus for a few episodes. Still, the season has been fantastic so far, and all roads are going to lead to a spectacular conclusion.

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