Ink Master Season 12 Episode 11

Original Title : Ink Master Season 12 Episode 11: Roll of the Dice Genre : Reality Air Date ...

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Original Title : Ink Master Season 12 Episode 11: Roll of the Dice
Genre : Reality
Air Date : 2019-08-20
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Overview : The artists find themselves in a dicey situation with confrontational coaches Josh Payne and Nikki Simpson.

Ink Master season 12 episode 11 preview: Is Laura in trouble?
Want to know what’s coming up on Ink Master season 12 episode 11? Based on the promo that aired following tonight’s new episode, they want to make you think that Laura is in some danger.

To date, what we’ve figured out about Laura is simply this: She’s one of the most talented contestants this season. It’s not just because of her artistry and her ability to create some outstanding tattoos — it’s the creativity to go along with it. Our feeling on all Ink Master contestants is simply this: You should want to enter each given season with a lot of ambitious ideas. You shouldn’t want to do just roses or skulls or the typical tattoo fare. If you can leave a season with two or three super-memorable tattoos under your belt, that could increase the chance that you get a lot more business outside the show. Laura’s coming off of an episode where she had an incredible design with that robot … so where does she go from here?

The first sign of danger that you see from Laura in the promo is her having a difference of opinion with some of her team on strategy — which was bound to happen given that she seems closer relationship-wise to both Cam and then also Creepy Jason. Then, she’s focused on heavily through a lot of quick cuts that seem to suggest that she could be in danger.

Is this actually going to be the case with Laura? We’re not so sure on that, given that this could just be a case of the editors wanting us to believe that one of the best artists of the season is in danger. The show’s done this before! Even if Laura does have an off night, it is still important to remember that this happens at least a few times every single season with great artists. It’s just hard to keep that momentum from one week to the next when you’re dealing with so many ideas and canvases!

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